Höstsalongen 2008

4 October - 2 November 2008

Wermlands Museum, Karlstad

Värmlands museum

Ordinary people no 49 by Gaellman


Konstrundan Karlstad med omnejd

20-21 September 2008

Konstrundan Karlstad med omnejd. Artists in and around Karlstad open their studios to the public.

This year one of my drawings is in the lottery.

Konstrundan websida


konstrundan 2008








Nordische Zeichen

4 - 25 September 2008, Norderstedt, Germany.

Private view 19.00, 4 September, Galerie am Rathaus

Twelve artists from Sweden, Denmark, Norway and Finland show painting, sculpture, printmaking, ceramics, paper art and more.

Exhibiting artists:

Vibeke Bak Hansen, DK; Unni Karoline Bakke, N;
Niklas J. Brandow, S; Vibeke Fuglsang-Damgaard, N;
Johan Gaellman, S, Tiina Kivinen, FIN; Tuomo Klemi, FIN;
Birgit Kvorning, DK; Kika Møller, DK; Yngve Riber, DK;
Marja-Leena Valkola, FIN; Jorun Ragnfrid Viken, N


johan in norderstedt
Johan Gaellman putting words to his work in Norderstedt




Vårsalong in Prostagårdslagårn

5 - 13 April, Prostagårdslagårn, Torsby

Artikel i Nwt 8 april -08



Unterwegs nach Norderstedt

20 - 24 mars, Papirmuseet Bikuben, Silkeborg, Danmark

I participate in a paper workshop with artists from Denmark and Finland.




Unterwegs nach Norderstedt


Vårsalong in Munkfors

15 - 30 Mars, Ransäter-Munkfors konstförening, Munkfors

Johan participates with five drawings. Artikel i VF
Artikel i Nwt




Sundays 2 - 30 mars

Johan arrange croquise-drawing five sundays in March at Folkuniversitetet at Orrholmen in Karlstad.





Konst på isen 2008 (art on ice)

This year, the winter was too warm. The show has been cancelled.

Let's hope for next year!

Webpage about Konst på isen (webpage in Swedish)

Konst på isen 2008



Open studio

Konstrundan Karlstad med omnejd

13 - 14 oktober

47 artists from Värmlands konstnärsförbund open their studios to the public.




Höstsalongen 2007

6 October - 4 November, Rackstadmuseet Arvika

Johan participates in Höstsalongen with a three-dimensional labyrinth. Opening 12.00 Saturday 6 October.



Sundays 30 september - 2 december.

Johan arrange croquise in Folkuniversitetets facilities in Karlstad. No teaching, but the opportunity to practice croquise drawing.



Fridas Puppet theatre

On tour with Kulturbussen to nurserys in and in the surroundings of Karlstad. Wednesdays September - November 2007

Fridas dockteater



Best of the Basement

8 - 30 September 2007, Gallery The Basement, Västerås.

A group exhibition with artists that has exhibited in the gallery since the opening.

The Basement



Johan Gaellman show the facade

5 May 2007, Gallery the Basement, Västerås.

Opening: Saturday 5 May 12.00 - 17.00. The exhibition is open 5 – 27 May, Saturday, Sunday 12 - 17.

I show sculptures and images in the shape of labyrinths and threedimensional photocollages. They are made of wood, cloth and paper.



A maze thing. One of the first labyrinths Johan made.


13.00 at opening day Felicia Konrad makes a voice-performance!

See also Felicias webpage... (in Swedish)


Odysseus 01. A photographic sculpture-image.


Art on ice

10 February 2007, Mariebergsviken in Karlstad.

The show opens at Saturday 10th February 13.00

Seven artists from Karlstad, Kil, Västra Ämtervik and Skövde participates in this years Art on ice.






Puppet theater

Where is Fridas hat?

Karlstad stadsbibliotek, April 22nd. 14.00

Johan Gaellman and his sister Carina Gällman show there puppet show 'Where is Fridas hat?' in Karlstad library. This is the first public performance of their own produced puppet theater.

Fridas dockteater (site in Swedish only)



Irvall and Gaellman

Folkbiblioteket in Aarjaeng 4 - 25 February

Johan Gaellman and Lena Irvall show some new work at the library in Aarjaeng, Sweden.



Participating artists...

  • Jörgen Karlsson
  • Ulrika Skog
  • Mario Rojas
  • Johan Gaellman
  • Annelie Petersson


  Johan shows 'Meatflowers', inspired by Baudelaires' 'The flowers of evil'
Art on ice in media (in Swedish)

Sveriges Radio P4 Värmland 27 Jan 2006

Svt Landet runt 4 Feb 2006
Top right, on the web page. Choose "Se senaste programmet" - landet runt 060204 - wind forward to the time 42:15

VF 28 Jan 2006 (pdf 1,2 mb)

Nwt 28 Jan 2006 - front (pdf 0,5 mb)

Nwt 28 Jan 2006 - inside (pdf 1,6 mb)

The meatflowers were dismantled on 1 February, due to warm weather.



Art on ice

For the third year in a row the exhibition 'Konst på is' (art on ice) is arranged by the artist Mario Rojas. Twice befor has the show taken place close to Skattkarr near Karlstad). This year it takes place in Mariebergsviken in central Karlstad. Opening is on Saturday 28th January 13.00.

Five artists from Karlstad, Skattkarr and Kristinehamn participates in this years 'Konst pa is'. The exhibition shows artworks dealing with, among other things, stress, beauty in ugliness, with references to poetry, mythology and daily life. The exhibition continues as long as the weather is good. Participating artists, apart from Mario Rojas, are Jorgen Karlsson, Annelie Petersson, Johan Gaellman and Ulrika Skog.

Poster (A4 1,2 mb) - download here


  Photos from the opening. Below; performance by YOUNG –JA BANG- CHO  

Art courses at Folkuniversitetet

Autumn 2005: Gaellman is doing some teaching at Folkuniversitetet in Karlstad.




24 June: The name Gaellman has been approved of by Patent- och registreringsverket. A ceremony was held to celebrate the occasion.

One year earlier the Patent- och registreringsverket rejected Gaellmans application (changing 'ä' to 'ae' was a step backwards for the Swedish language according to Patent- och registreringsverket. The language wasn't supposed to develop in that way, they said). But a year later, after an appeal against the decision, they changed their minds! This was celebrated with a ceremony during a midsummers eve party in the vicinity of Karlstad.

A bottle of 'especially-brewed holy water' was smashed against the head section of the newborn; and finally Gaellman was really Gaellman.

'It's good to be allowed to be the one I think I am!'


The winner of the lottery recieves instructions
A job well done!
A newborn Gaellman
photo: Catarina Jansson


Vårsalong 2005

5 march - 20 march: Kristinehamns konstförening arranged a juried exhibition. Johan Gaellman contributed with three works.


Art courses

March: This spring Johan leads courses on Folkuniversitetet in Karlstad: acrylic painting, drawing and experimental sculpture.



February: Membership in KRO, Konstnärernas riksorganisation





SVT in Karlstad

In January some of Johans work will be on display in the office of the Swedish TV channel in Karlstad.






Julsalong at Galleri KC

4 December 2004 - 19 December 2004, Galleri KC, Gothenburg. Private view 4 December 12.00 - 18.00.

Fourteen new members of KC-väst submit work in this group exhibition. The experimental music group Migrän perform at the private view at 15.30.


Photos by Johan Gaellman (Image 2; Karin Johansson, Image 3; Lampshades by Birgitta Kleberg, Image 4; Henrik Wartel; Image 5; Johnny Wartel, Image 6; Stone sculptures by Monica Funck), Image 7; Migrän plays



Jigsaw cubism and photographic sculptures

21 August - 5 September 2004 at the Gallery KC Väst in Gothenburg


The exhibition at KC Väst in Gothenburg showed photographic sculptures and works of art based on jigsaw symbolism. Both jigsaw-art and the idea of using photographs in sculptures started to interest me when I studied in Scotland. The exhibition presented a cross-section of this these themes.

Performance by Veera Suvola Grimberg

The webzine Zenit (interview)

Göteborgsposten 4/9 2004 (review)



Photos from the opening



Veera Suvalo Grimberg made a much acclaimed appearance on the opening day, performing a piece called Ver. Ver (latin for spring, the season). (photos by Nina Zarjesdotter)



Easter exhibition on Österlen

9 - 12 April 2004

We were six artists from gallery Cosmopolitan in Gothenburg, that exhibited at gallery Gåren in Kåseberga, on Österlen.


Upplevelsekongressen in Borås

23 – 26 March 2004

KC väst was invited by Västra Götalandsregionen to participate on the Scandinavian experience congress in Åhaga, Borås. Me and Ulla Hultberg represented KC väst at the congress.





The 20 of February opens the show ARTitecture2004 in Glasgow. The exhibition treats the experience of the built environment. Artists from Great Britain, Germany, Spain and Sweden participate with performance, painting, printmaking, sculpture, photo and much more. I show an installation, 'the cardboard room'.






Grant from Buf

In December I was granted funding for a book about my work, from Buf (which is 'Bildkonstnärernas upphovsrätts fond'. www.bus.se